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CNC Laser Cutting Machines

Recently we added two Mazak 2500 Watt lasers. They have an auto loader and unloader. These two CNC laser cutting machines are precision controlled using DXF formatted files. Just email us your DXF or DWG file and we can cut it.

TMT has four laser cutting machines: two Cincinnati Incorporated, and two Mazak. Each machine uses a Carbon Dioxide or CO2 laser and, depending on the metal being cut, uses Oxygen, or Nitrogen. The lasers can cut steel plates, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic.

Laser cutting machines are being used by metal fabricators in place of older technology equipment. Laser cutting machines offer significant advantages in productivity, precision, part quality, material utilization and flexibility. Laser cutting is a thermal process that can be applied to high quality precision cutting. The laser cutting process works similarly to a magnifying glass focusing the sun’s energy to burn paper or a leaf.

When you have a rush job, TMT can help! We can cut it, and drop it off in 24 hours, or less (with in a 50 mile radius of Hamilton, OH). Plus, we're ready to meet your cost and budget targets as well.


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